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A case series for the evaluation of dalbavancin in vancomycin allergic patients

Sara Diaz

AIM: Considering the possibility of cross-reactivity between the two glycol-peptide antibiotics, there is a dearth of information about the usage of Dalbavancin in individuals with a Vancomycin allergy.

METHODS: Patients who received Dalbavancin as an outpatient infusion and had a reported Vancomycin allergy in the electronic health record were subjected to a retrospective medical record analysis between February 2016 and February 2021.

FINDINGS: During the trial period, Dalbavancin was infused as an outpatient in 559 distinct patients, 10 of whom had a Vancomycin allergy that was noted in the electronic health record. One patient experienced delayed rash, two patients reported a reaction to Vancomycin infusion, two patients reported acute kidney damage, and one patient reported intolerance with general malaise. Four of the ten patients had a history of a type I IgGmediated reaction to Vancomycin. Dalbavancin was administered to all 10 patients at least once, with no side effects being reported.

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