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Euro Dementia 2019: Alzheimer's Cure, The Definitve Cure, iron (Fe), iron deficiency causes - Joan Manuel Rodriguez Nunez, Dominican Republic

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The human body works based on the transformation of energy from food to their cells can fulfill diverse functions. It is known that brain shrinkage occurs faster in people with MCI or Alzheimer's disease and that high levels of the amino acid hemocistina are linked to increased risk for these disorders. Researchers believe that B vitamins decreased the rate of brain atrophy by reducing homocysteine levels. People who had the highest levels of this acid were the main beneficiaries. Researchers at Oxford University have found that taking vitamin B tablets three daily delays brain shrinkage that occurs with age and cause early signs of dementia such as memory loss. In one test two years, the vitamin supplement slowed the rate of brain atrophy in half in a group of elderly people, who had a brain shrinkage of more than 30 percent. After two years, brain scans showed that those who took the vitamins had less brain shrinkage -0.76 percent per year than those who received a placebo (1.08 percent) -a difference of 31 percent. A quarter of those who took the vitamins were the best performers, with a 53 percent reduction in the rate of brain shrinkage. Collateral damage The results are extremely promising, but we need more evidence to conclude whether these B vitamins in particular can reduce or prevent the development of Alzheimer's. The answer is yes. Complex B must join, to make changes, concentration (Complex B, + alkalinization with iron and Vitamin C. This was taken from the University of Oxford study.Oxygen deficiency in the bloodIt causes fatigue, weakness and headaches. The B complex vitamins several groups, some of which directly affect the functioning of the blood system and therefore help increase red blood cells. And vitamin C helps absorb iron in the blood.

The symptoms are used to look for a alteration of the organism That Makes clear the existence of an illness and serves to determine His nature, the illness of Alzheimer neurodegenerative and for it is the person WHO Endures Loses it progressively different functions. The most frequent symptoms Are the Following ones: Remove on what to put it away Goes Here with Essentials,

They are produced for:

· progressive loss of memory. INITIALLY oversights related Appear what just happened or Important Dates. It's easy toThey forget common things, have a high, as small change of direction. The Disorientation It is characteristic of Alzheimer temporal and spatial Both. For example, the person MayHave disorientated in a place you know or not remember what day it is. estos Important Because They are changes decrease the social life of the person and autonomy. Herein it is to be taken Certain Directives of life When a person is born, I have perceived Their worlds, but more Importance When You give to things of less value Loses ITS Approaches objective.

· The people are Forgetting Their languages, but it is for Their Disorientation habitat. People with Alzheimer start Having Difficulties in oral expression. The sentences are shorter, but They are for TheirDisorientation complex objectivities., but being or person perceives the simplicities of mere things and an increasingly poor vocabulary. They also have difficulty finding the word to express They Want. Also understanding is difficult, so it will be increasingly difficult as reading a book or follow the plot of a movie.

· Mood alteration. Some of the symptoms are sadness That Appear, insecurity,indecision, Irritability or social awkwardness. Also it is the characteristicdisinterest Carried out activities for the person before. What is this all about:

· Antonyms of Antipathy: Service, work, activity. Synonyms: Antipathy: Fun and selflessness. Impairs cognitive or neural areas of the brain Caused by the long Idleness by every word of Obtaining Objectivity. Which sports a lifetime, Gives discouragement, disinterest,dizziness, faintness, dizziness, syncope, Faint, collapse, disorientation {f},bewilderment,confusion ., Ie lack of occupation or management. With a disappointment, disinterest, Pluralism, disorientation, diversity, distrust, lack of commitment, etc. ... Some studies in the United States Said That Apathy deteriorates the brain in older adults. Let's look: If you feel the apathy, boredom and indifference comes into your life, beware! Apathy is coming into your life and can cause brain problems later.Apathy is a term used in the field of psychology and Expressed as it Relates to a mood in Which shows an Individual or Reflects a lack of emotion, motivation or enthusiasm for events or people in Their everyday environment. ACCORDING to a study by the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, United States, MayApathy signal brain problems in older adults. " Researchers detail That apathy is an indicator That the brain shrinks faster than usual When you start the aging process, favors the development of other diseases as Parkinson Which's or Such stroke. Even, According to information published in Livesciense, many brain diseases Develop a person shows symptoms before, Lenore J. Launer says,

Neuroepidemiology chief at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda. How much gray and white matter Have you? In the research presented in the journal Neurology, the authors Explain That gray matter is associated With memory, emotion and conscious thought, with the aim of Perceiving sensory information. Meanwhile, white matter and brain regions Allows Communication between Connects them. Meanwhile, Apathy is Characterized by the lack of emotion,loss of interest activities, energy reduction Y preference for staying home Instead of socializing. This is another investigation, but This was done in Mexico: Note this was taken from your investigation. A That Is Often Observed trend in modern society is the lack of staff motivation, to Which Has Been called Apathy, the incidence of which extends to the MOST diverse fields and at different life stages.


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