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Global Amnesia: Frequency of silent brain infarction

Veronica Dorothy

To assess the frequency and pattern of acute DWI lesions outside the hippocampus in patients with Transient Global Amnesia (TGA). Patients who presented with TGA and were hospitalized to our hospital between January 2010 and January 2017 were retrospectively assessed. TGA diagnostic criteria were met by all of the patients. We looked at the imaging and clinical data of all patients who had a high-resolution diffusion-weighted MRI within 72 hours after onset of symptoms. The research comprised a total of 126 cases. One or more acute lesions in the hippocampus CA1- area were present in 53% (n=71/126) of the patients. In 11% of the cases (n=14/126), additional acute DWI lesions were discovered in other cortical areas. All of the patients who had DWI lesions outside of the hippocampus had TGA-like neurological symptoms. MRI demonstrates acute ischemic cerebral lesions in a significant proportion of clinical TGA patients. As a result, in individuals with TGA, a cerebral MRI should be conducted to rule out cardiac involvement and detect stroke chameleons.

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