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Relationship between income generation and in the increasing drug dependence and risks of relapse: A cross-sectional study in drug treatment facilities in the Philippines

Mei Lin C. Valencia1, M.P.H., Baronese Peters1, Ph.D., Nami Kim1

This study aims to explain income-generating activities like occupation (formal, informal jobs) and other sociodemographic factors that potentially increase the risk of drug dependence and possible relapse. Study participants of 632 patients with a data survey form of questionnaire in 5 different drug treatment facilities were collected from July 2019 to September 2019, in 2 areas of NCR-Manila, Southwestern Visayas, and Davao CityMindanao, Philippines. There were 42.55% of nicotine dependence, 41.88% alcohol use, 39.53% methamphetamine, and 52.24% cannabis dependence in a 30-day income generation, found to increase drug dependence significantly. A multiple logistic regression analysis was used to utilize the odds ratio of income generation and occupation (formal, informal jobs)

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